PR Campaign

One of the challenges of portraying SAFE's brand was the sheer number of programs that the organization provided. I created a PR campaign focused on one of SAFE's newer programs, SAFE CARES, which provides services to survivors of sex trafficking. Because sex trafficking is often misconstrued in popular media, I wanted to educate viewers and readers about what sex trafficking really looks like and how it affects the Austin community.

Press Release

I use press releases to provide reporters with background and statistics on topics in addition to tailored story pitches. This pitch provided an update on a program that was launched a year earlier to show the success of the program and garner more attention to the services SAFE provides.

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Talking Points

Talking points help prepare the interviewee and aim to keep the conversation clear, concise, and on-track. While the interviewees I worked with are experts in their fields, talking points helped ease their nerves before going on camera in front of reporters and serve as a quick reference for main topic points.

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Earned Media Coverage

This campaign yielded coverage from both print and television outlets, reaching a diverse audience. Through my relationships with local reporters, I crafted different angles to pitch to each outlet, resulting in an array of stories - an in-depth live interview about the issue and SAFE's response, how SAFE expanded the CARES due to increasing needs, and the types of populations that are most affected by sex trafficking.


I also produced a video outlining the services and impact that SAFE CARES provides for survivors of trafficking. This video served as an educational tool for our existing audience on social media to inform them of a new SAFE service.